155th blog … mga yagit ng alaala ng pinga … para sa pinga!


dehins pato last sa boksing ni manny p (not manny pie)  …

pakyaw or pakyo announced, was in a superb condition, physically, mentally and spiritually that nobody, but nobody, could beat him in that ring even by huwan …

while timoti was really keenly inept and  ployd na bahag ang buntot at walang bayag continued to avoid  a fight …

so tim wished to win and the river warrior had to follow the hollywood script, or else, boxing would die tulad ng naganap kay mahoma,  like what happened to alsaymer ali  …

now at least, the world can watch another mis-match as manny pak shall pulverize the willing guy, for the sake of money or manny marahas y rehas or rohas …

don’t blame the judges, disobeying mafia would never be in their minds and the world still has one more game to play, or two, or three … to…

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