159th blbg … anoga ang baga sa ingles? … ano ga!?!


Evelyn and Andeng liked this: Andeng asked what plants are those? Reply: fortune when received as a gift, and aptly a welcome plant. Andeng again:   ahh..ok…we have gigantic fortune plants po,diko po nakilala yan… hehe, na-intimidate ata ako sa face nyo, ty po. Sagot: also known as money plant, and am silent as a lamb … ano sa tagalogto? … heheheh! Andeng:  tabako? fortune tobacco po … hehe! Last reply:  taba ko sa chopstick!   o, porkchop na tabako mula sa porkbarrel? … heheheh!

linisin ang baga araw-araw …  CLEAN THE LUNGS AND INTESTINES EVERY DAY! many people live their lives with healthy lungs and and still fall prey to respiratory problems …

clean your lungs to eliminate all intake of dairy products or foods that interfered with the human detoxification process; the body must rid the toxins in the intestines to clean the lungs …

alisin muna ang mga kalawang na pumasok…

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