161st blog …. pigna pigna penya pinea pinga pinga pinga!


 h! Pigna  can really go wrong with a place that’s billed as an artisan village …
first sight from the road was a small blue-shuttered village huddled together on
a promontory sunlight bathe …
this shop is selling hand-made musical boxes in all shapes and sizes …even animal-shapes, that would appeal
to the young, but unfortunately my purse started protesting the price so maybe another place another time …
 front an old impressive building – the hotel u palazzu  …
 a fabulous photo over the rooftop before heading up past the
ceramics workshop to the view point at the other end of the village …
 cat on a hot tin roof  of the A Casarella cafe/snack bar
that looks out over the covered terrace
 and the ice cream …

 and this one, the only one!

pigna, the village of artistic people in the island of corsica as seen from above…

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