162nd blog … anti-ageing? and douche! … tatanda rin kayo, heheheh!


tagalugin ko na kaya ang mga sumusunod?!?

botox, hand creams,  hair dye and other derma products exist to prolong the appearance of youth but can scientists still raise their inventions to the height of cellular level?

researchers  have done just that … a regular metabolic compound that has been administered to mice has been shown to not just boost muscle function, but actually reverse the effects of ageing …

the research was led by a sinclair of a university and the results have been published in the journal cell …

a normal part of the human body passes thru biological aging which is termed as senescence where senile is derived, which simply means wearing out of the body over time …

muscles begin to lose tone and become inflamed, and they also can develop insulin resistance … without insulin, the cells are unable to uptake the glucose needed for activity…

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