165th blog … win win in winnipeg!


  • Winnipeg is the capital and largest city of the province of Manitoba, Canada.

winnipeg lies at the crossroads of the assiniboine and the red rivers, a location currently known as “the forks” …                   the canoe routes of aboriginal peoples prior to european contact.

the name is a transcription of the western cree word wi-nipe-k meaning “muddy waters” ….                                                   on petroglyphs, rock art and oral history, scholars based they learnings about native peoples

who used the area in prehistoric times for camping, hunting, tool making, fishing, and trading.  the rivers provided an extensive transportation network linking many indigenous peoples,

including the Anishinaabe, Assiniboine, Ojibway, Sioux, and Cree.  the red river linked ancient northern peoples with those to…

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