176th blog …. mga butil ng alaala para sa madison!


the black friday videos depicted the true greed of humanity under ordinary situation without any tint of calamity …

compare the scenes of devastation shown in the local tv on typhoon haiyan (yolanda), the strongest in recent history that occurred in the central visayas of the southeast …

now, do the looting actions of the victims by the media match the scenes in video? what happened in the philippines is a matter of survival, whether personal or impersonal, and the same media is all set to propagandize bad manners and wrong conduct of victims of deluge …

and the question is, is it not a rational sense of self-survival of plain victims to do irrational things before mortality sets in (kapit sa patalim)? in the biggest disasters of the modern times?!? …

political overtones/undertones are the roots of factual anarchy, smacked by inefficiency of the much touted disaster-preparedness of the…

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