183rd blog … susi ng kanluran


Before columbus times, key west was inhabited by the calusa people.

As Florida became a spanish territory after 1500, a fishing and salvage village with a small garrison was established here in key west.

Cayo Hueso is the original spanish name of the small islands, which means “bone cay or a low island or reef.

It was said that the island was littered with the remains (bones) of prior native inhabitants, who used the isle as a communal graveyard.

In 1763, when great britain took control of florida, the community of spaniards and native calusa were moved to havana.

Florida returned to spanish control 20 years later, but there was no official resettlement of the island.

In 1815, the spanish governor of cuba in havana deeded the island of Key West to juan pablo salas of the royal spanish crown posted in saint augustine, florida.

After that, florida was transferred to…

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