198th blog … holland, dutch, netherland and fluoride and zombies, ano koneksyon? .ehdi, wala!


“The name Holland is often used, incorrectly, for The Netherlands, especially in other languages.

The origin of the misnomer lies in the fact that the region of Holland was the economic powerhouse during the time of the United Provinces (1581-1795).

After the Napoleonic era, Holland became a mere province of the Kingdom and was split into North and South Holland in 1840.

Some people object, especially from the southern provinces Limburg and North Brabant, to the use of the name Holland for The Netherlands.

But to avoid confusion when addressing other nationals, the Dutch themselves often use the name ‘Holland’.

The plural “Netherlands” is actually an archaic term, referring to the time when it was a collection of regions that were not yet fully united.

In The Netherlands itself the country is called Nederland meaning “low land”, the people are called Nederlanders  or “Dutch” in English.  

Their language is…

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