207th blog … payatas na pinagmulan parasapinga ni pinga!


pinagmulan! …

Present day marikina came from the name of the haciendero tonio de marquina who favored by the spanish crown to manage a part of an encomienda that was pasig in the years 1570’s.

Marikina also became a part of a parish baptized as san mateo by the frailes of the roman catholic church in the area below the mountain called as “amang bundok”, and was also a part of the pasig encomienda.

The name montalban (renamed rodriguez) was used during the spanish times to name a habitable area within the mountain range that was turned female by the name “sierra madre” by the spaniards.

Present day marikina, montalban (rodriguez), quezon city and even tundo and pasig were not existing at that time of reckoning when the names in the minds of the tagalog natives were kumintang, ilokos, bikol, kalilaya and talim-asin in the island of gold that was…

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