208th blog … questions on history ni pinga, parasapinga???


History is made from material remains, oral tradition, and pictorial data or written records.

The genuineness in meaning and relevance mostly depends on the ethnical inferences of historians
who are supposedly devoid of biases or subjectivity in their selections of facts and data.

The dictionary says that to infer is to draw a conclusion or make a deduction based on facts or indications,
but, for writers of history to use pure objectivity as the only instrument in their chronicles and manuscripts is very far from possible.

Volumes of books and articles on historical accounts cannot disregard and do away with beliefs, probabilities, and possibilities.

They are the sources that authors writers deduce and make their own conclusions on everything and anything they write.

Selfish inclination and pure instinct are spices in the writings and chronicles of historians who are all mortals, and therefore, infallibility can never be their virtue.


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