219th blog … dear anak at apo! … aralin mo ang tungkol sa mga kalawang!


dear anak at apo,

we can only wish you the best on your special day, and on these coming endless days, god shall bless you all the way because of your spirit in pinga!

the word “family” is from latin word “familia”, which means “family; household”, which meant originally as “slaves of the household”  …

the word for an individual slave was “famulus” for a male, “famula” for a female.” …
parasapinga naman, family means “father and mother, i love you!”, mas okey, diba?

kaya, tatagalugin ko na lang, “mag-anak” na mas matagal pa o kasabayan ng latin … o, ano? meangal kayo?
o, gusto mo ba, kadugo? baket? dugong-tagalog ka ba? kung oo, tatanggalin mo ang mga kalawang ng buhay!

stay away from foods containing food additives, dyes, colorings, flavorings, stabilizers, fake fats, artificial sugars and preservatives. alamin mo kung sino si monsanto!

the nearly four billion prescription drugs…

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