223rd blog … artimisinin nina maryo, marya at wanay!


kamuka ng cannabis ang kwento sa artimisinin …

matutulad din ang mga ito sa kuwento ng tawa-tawa sa mga duktor na tuwang-tuwa dahil wala pang utos ang mga dambuhalang botika sa mga albularyong ayaw tumanggi sa gamot ng dinggi!

artemisia annua has been used by herbalists for more than two thousand years in the treatment of many illnesses, such as skin diseases and malaria.

even china claims the same dates since 200 BC amd records from other pacific islands that remain unearthed must a more ancient claim.

artemisia annua is a common herb and has been found in many parts of the world, even in potomac river, washington, D.C. so they claim, and, of course, in many other unnamed areas in asia and pacific long before it is ever known in the west.

this plant was withheld by multinational drug companies for reasons only they knew, however, south-east herbalists have…

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