227th blog … matriarchal of the kumintang! at patriarchal ng mga magdalong intsik!


dear jun a. … 35th anniversary of paradise of god, the father ?, 1st day of novena, oct. 1, problems sa repair at iba pa … tulungan mo kami s.o.s.,  financial support mo at mga kaibigan mo, maaari mong ipadala kay ? —- god bless … venus  …
heheheh! pati si pinga … parasapinga isinama! hahahah! ni hindi ko nga alam kung ang father nyo ay si  magdalo!
… labo tlga ng tenga ko! … kala ko kimchi … cream cheese pala! heheheh!
Parasa Pinga's photo.
… d’2nd child syndrome baby obviously, heheheheh! …
 Parasa Pinga's photo.Parasa Pinga's photo.Parasa Pinga's photo.

fear is the greatest enemy, the obstacle of life …

in the earliest days, the river dwellers had no fear at all, they traveled from one island to another with only one thing in mind – to make peace and harmony with other tribes …

from east to west, from east to north, from east to south, and…

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