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everyone wants to be king! even hitler, marcos, idi amin and the others who considered themselves as kings!

the first king known to use the title “king of kings” was tukulti-ninurta I of assyria  in the 13th century BC.

the persian title of a king of kings is shahanshah  associated especially with persian  archaeminid empire,  a monarch ruling over other monarchs who had a vassal, tributary or protectorate position.

the title is mentioned in the  hebrew bible  that referred to  nebuchadnessar  and to  artaxerxes.

in christianity, “king of kings” is one of the titles of jesus.

the emperors of ethiopia also had the title of “king of kings”.

in judaism, “king of kings”  is an expression that refers to god, whose name may not be said. It is usually rendered as melech malchei ha-m’lachim (the king of the kings of kings), to put it one step above the title by which babylonian and persian kings…

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