238th blog … panagimpang panaginip! ni pinga, parasapinga, bow!


… malady in governance is typical in a nation such as philippines … whose people’s inherent identity was misplaced, forgotten and and will be  lost if we do not make assertions even though seem futile …

… a case in point was when the foreign government introduced the railway system in luzon to start  such a thing they called civilization or progress if you may,  as if we never had …

… but then, the greed of for extension of dominion by empires all over the world  took over manila with “filipino” trainees as presidents, they never continued nor adopted the railway plans of the past …

… instead,  new roads and highways were built with the brawns of our natives for their imported cars and buses  from other lands …

… then they come up with lrt and mrt whose fundings are sourced from foreign banks under the guise…

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