239h blog … facebook, guinea pig at katol na pangpondo sa pork ng gobyerno!


… facebook is bad …

if you are being fed that manila and jamaica are neighbors; if you feel stupid for years for posting your own cross-eyed face;

if you do not know that all caps’s meaning is you are shouting when you do not need to; if you forget to log off and get hacked for doing so;

when your privacy is being invaded by strangers; when it exposes your stupidity driving on a river bank just to test if it is shallow;

when you pee on your pants to show the world your feeling of sadness, and proclaim it as therapy; when you share your personal problems;

when you do not even care to check facts by believing hook and sinker everything you see and read; when you make too personal notes intended for someone and spreading them to all to know;

and, when you take a prolonged stare…

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