246th blog … oligarchs/plutocrats to atheist, communist: dyankatataedyankaiihe!


kabataang pag-asa ng bayan ni pepe!  …

wana kaman o wanay, dyankatatae! dyankaiihe! dyankatatae! dyankaiihe!
dyankatataedyankaiihe! heheheh!

How do you kill the oppressive energy oligarchy? You don’t and you can’t unless you want to be a martyr.

The only thing that can kill the oligarchy is people power, but that is a tall order. People power rises only in crisis situations like EDSA.

When power rates have increased three fold, maybe there is a chance. The latest increase is churning up a tsunami which is still in its infancy.

We are slaves of the oligarchy. Greed is the name of their game.

I only have one simple question: Have you ever personally met or do you know of an atheist among those in the powerful energy oligarchy?

As a matter of fact, all those criminals in the meralco and manila waters enterprises all believe and love god, as god has…

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