248th blog … mercedes for you, not from china nor sabah, but from jesu!


mercedes ride is better than watching divergent instead of malling the son jesu!, while trying to mimick china copying the crimea-style action of russia!

Russia’s annexation of crimea heightens the concerns of the world on the possibility of china using forceful might to pursue its claims in the philippine sea.

USA and a number of european nations on the other hand have already laid claims or ownership of all the islands in the pacific, so russia’s and china’s question is: why can’t they do the same?

Remember, UK has done it by annexing sabah inspite of all the documents in favor of the philippines, through the creation of malaysia.

A very weak nation, philippines can only file a case against china in the arbitration tribunal in netherland.

Deployment of chinese vessels in philippine sea dispute is actually a bullying tactic which is very effective in the long history of the world.

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