254th blbg …. malacanan daw!


malacañan ba talaga?

geography, even history, wherever it is, is especially rich and evocative with such names as – ‘Meycauayan’, there is bamboo, a town in bulakan province …

or places in pasig such as ‘santolan’ – plantation of santol fruit trees, ‘manggahan’ – mango plantation, ‘pinagbuhatan’ – place of origin, ‘caniogan’ – abundance of coconut tree, or ‘maybunga’ for beetle nut or fruits …

how much more the all forgotten ancient provinces of kumintang, talim-asin, iloko, kalilaya, bikol or the kingdom mabunga of the famed katagalugan of katipunan.

maynilad “there are nilad plants’ and pulanglupa “red earth” in las piñas or even munting lupa which means ‘small island or land’ of the past, and the now defunct malapad-na-bato – ‘big broad rock or stone’ in guadalupe in makati, should exude a deeper meaning for the minds of the present generation.

further examples abound, like kuweba ni donya geronima –…

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