255th blog … jacinto, ang kuyapo ng pinga!


Photo: tutu wearing julia princess ballerina with bunny ears <3 <3 <3emilia pinga, utak katipunera!
Katipunero: Emilio Jacinto. The “Brains of the Katipunan.”

Emilio Jacinto y Dizon was considered as one of the greatest military genius during his time.

Together with Andres Bonifacio and  Ladislao Diwa of the Katipunan, Emilio embraced the ideals and advocacy of the Magdiwang, the true heritage of the tagalog ancestry.

Magdiwang is actually “maginoong diwa” that was the contemporary tagalog version of pinga.

Andres, Ladislao and Emilio were deprived of the lands of their forefathers by the mestizo elements of the spanish government for a number centuries.

Magdalo used to be meant as “maginoong dalo” that was made an additional faction of the Katipunan by the Aquinaldo clans with chinese bloodlines from sangley, cavite, which were self-proclaimed inheritors of these tagalog lands.

Emilio was born in Trozo, Manila on December 15,1875. His parents were Mariano Jacinto and Josefa Dizon.

Jacinto was not the actual name of…

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