263rd blog … dagitab ng kuryente ng mafia … sa ingles, monopoly ng mga oligarchy!


heto po, mga kababayan, ang mga naghahati-hati sa perang ibinabayad ng mga mamamayan sa paggamit ng kuryente ng meralco, at tubig ng manila waters …

sino kaya ang nagset-up ng ganitong klase ng organizational connivance ng pandarambong, heheheh! sinooooooo?!? …. ang energy regulations commission ba, o ang privatization?!?

ah! lamkona, ang mafia! heheheh! …

mafia is a type of organized crime syndicate that primarily practices protection racketeering — the use of violent intimidation to manipulate local economic activity, especially illicit trade; such as drug-trafficking, loan sharking and fraud, and many more others.

being bonded together by a code of honour, the code of silence or omertà in rome and southern italy, safeguards the mafia from outside intrusion and law enforcement action.

the term was originally applied to the sicilian mafia, and expanded to encompass other organizations of similar methods and purpose, e.g. “the russian mafia”, “the japanese mafia”, or “the…

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