268th blog … bastardization is true in all languages, not only in tagalog!


Plagiarized? lengua estopado does not mean stupid language! just an attempt to prove that pinoy is worth dying for, and many already did!

Tagalog language, whatever it is, is oftentimes outrageous if not altogether crazy.

Etymologists and linguists told us that Filipino (it used to be spelled Pilipino before 1985) with Tagalog as its basis, is essentially Malay which is easily a tagalog word but greatly influenced by western languages, albeit a bastardized influence.

Why bastardized? In the more than 350 years of subjugation by europeans and americans, together with more hundred years of hindu and buddhist overlords, we have assimilated several of their words into our tagalog language, but many of them seem to have mutated and taken on different meanings from their original expressions.

Take the common word “desgracia,” for example, especially when used with “caer en ______” means “to fall out of favor.” How did it become…

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