274th blog … sankaba tlga pupunta, sa madison, sa pulongginto o sa isbalbar?


Jannice Nassif's photo.
 Jannice Nassif's photo.
44 mutual friends, including laine yabut visaya, erwin serrano, abie hare lecaroz
studied at ust/eac/de la salle university/ ateneo university/university of the philippines
graduated in 2001
lives in manila
the happy ending of my love story is when i actually die, but lived a godly life.   It’s been 4 months since i’ve visited the philippines– and it was during that recent visit that god revealed to me
Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo.
Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo.
Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo.
Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo.
Noel Pinga's photo.

Svalbard archipelago is an unincorporated area administered by a state-appointed governor in the northernmost place in the world with a permanent population.

The islands were first taken into use as a whaling base in the 17th and 18th centuries, after which they were abandoned. Coal mining started at the beginning of the 20th century, and several permanent communities were established.

The Svalbard Treaty of 1920 recognizes Norwegian sovereignty, and the 1925 Svalbard Act made Svalbard a full part of the Kingdom…

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