280th blog … treaty of paris?!? o treat ng mga chinese?!?, o sige, pili na!


The treaty of paris signed on december 10, 1898 was an agreement between the american and spanish governments that resulted in the spanish empire’s surrendering control of cuba and ceding puerto rico, parts of the spanish west indies, the island of guam and palau, and the philippines to the united states.

The agreement was only between two powerful nations without any representation, participation, nor knowledgeable involvement of the people of the islands concerned, being the subject of contention of the said agreement, more particularly the people of manila.

The cession agreement involved a payment of $20 million from the united states to the spanish empire that ended the war between them.

Practically and actually, the spanish crown sold these pacific islands that were not theirs in the first place, to the americans.

Their treaty came into effect on April 11, 1899, when the documents of ratification were exchanged, thus, the…

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