285th blog … mga gatas tayong lahat!


… mga letse kayong lahat! … heheheh!

the word “leche” of the spaniards,  who decided to colonize and christianize the natives of luzon but did not bother bother to explain about the finer distinction between eschatological and scatological, became a tagalog cuss word.

but here’s a short guide: the former deals with the second coming, the resurrection of the dead, the last judgment, heaven and hell from their own bible reference;

the latter, on the other hand, is about giving someone hell, i.e. “letse”.

one is obsessed with fatal matters, the other with fecal matters, and this is an important starting point because it appears these people have mastered both.

that’s why they are credited with having brought many to the christian fold and having formulated one of the world’s most devastating invectives ever hurled right here in the island of luzon.

so, why “milk”?

some people who have some…

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