292nd blog … batu-balani ng mundo at ang dimonyong tatsulok daw!


First and foremost, people should know the difference between true north and magnetic north before dealing with any devil’s triangle of the seas, to avoid myths and stories.

The gate of hell of dan brown that was rebuked by one filipino bishop is one example of selfish interpretation by human senses.

Such gate could be a door going to the core of the earth which they could consider as hell, while the island of luzon is very nearby the deepest sea in the world which makes it the most practical or easy route to reach hell.

One famous Triangle is a line that connects the islands of Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Florida. PR btw was where melvin, jill and julia lived for a while.

The Bermuda Triangle has long been believed to be the site where a number of mysterious plane and boat incidents have occurred.

While it has become…

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