305th blog … dinuguang dugong bughaw …


“thank you for giving your time, your energy and resources to us your children and, more heartwarming, your grandchildren, so selflessly.

my dream is to achieve even a fraction of what you have done and been as mothers.

you give me hope that for as long as we love fully, passionately and without regret, age and time will look favorably upon us.

we love you so much and we’re sorry if we sometimes forget to tell you and let you feel! salamat mommy and mama”

ang dinuguan, bow!

Not all blood is red. Certain animals do not have the familiar hued blood that the majority of life on earth shares. But there are actual green blood, blue blood, and even yellow blood.

The following animals are just examples of the different animal groups that have odd colored blood that is not the standard shade of red.

Lizards – have green…

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