308th blog … ang kopong-kopong at si mahoma, bow!


Who/what is “Kopong Kopong”? … and mahoma, also!

Notice “ni” in the tagalog expression “panahon pa ni kopong kopong” that implies “kopong-kopong” is a person, so who the heck is this “kopong kopong”? Kopong could be for “blank” or “unspecified” or “kuwan.”

There is another phrase “nineteen kopong-kopong” or “nineteen something something” or 19**, indicating something that happened at an unspecified point quite a long time ago or even earlier.

Time decided to be funny and change the phrase from “nineteen kopong kopong” to “panahon pa ni kopong kopong”, and people found it so amusing that the new phrase stuck.

Nineteen kopong-kopong could also be “a couple of years back”.

Tagalog has a lot of words repeated for emphasis. As in “bagung-bago” (really new), “lumang-luma” (very old). Perhaps “couple” is raised to this “kopong-kopong” power, heheheh!.

Somebody also posted that “Panahon pa ng kopong kopong” refers to a term used…

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