309th blog …. dimonyo daw si limahong, o ….


limahong, the pirate and his kingdom?

limahong, also known as lim ah hong or lin tao kien, became known as a chinese pirate who invaded the northern islands of luzon in 1574, then tried to seize manila which was still under the kingdom of mabunga.

during that time, limahong found the spaniards coming from panay with the visayan muslims to be staying around the bay of manila, so they became envious of the mistaken hospitality being accorded, in which they tried to meddle in.

the tagalog mandirigma, knowing the imminent trouble being sowed, intervened and chased the chinese out of manila back to the northern part of luzon that was their port entry coming from overseas, thus, the inhabitants of northern luzon started their new breed of combined heritage.

some sources said that limahong was born as dim mhon who started his criminal activities since childhood, including robbery, and a…

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