463rd blog … mamasapano, panonakayo?

Written by Atty.Rico Paolo R. Quicho
Thursday, 29 January 2010

The tragic loss of the lives of the 44 members of Philippine National Police-Special Action Force (“PNP-SAF”), who were brutally killed in Mamasapano,

Maguindanao last Sunday is grim reminder that the road to peace is not a straight and rosy path (as we have been led to believe) but one winding and complex, full of potholes and booby traps, and which we must navigate with great care.

We honor our perished men for their strong commitment to protect and serve our country even to their death. In the same vein, we condemn in the strongest possible terms the horrendous massacre perpetrated against them.

We bereave and pray for their families. We memorialize the courage and heroism of the fallen members of PNP-SAF.

They are all brave souls who threaded danger to faithfully follow orders of the higher-ups even though they might have questioned the wisdom of these very orders in their hearts.

For their sake, for their families’ sake and for our own sake and pride as a nation, these brave souls must forever be honored and remembered:

PSI Gednat Tabde; PSI Ryan Pabalinas; PSI Garamnbas Tria;
SPO1 Lover Inocencio; PO3 Rodrigo Acob Jr.;
PO3 Virgil Villanueva; PO2 Roger Cordero; PO2 Peterson Carap;
PO2 Nicky Nacino Jr.; PO1 Angel Kodiamat; PO2 Glenn Bedua;
PO3 Noel Golocan; PO2 Jerry Kayob; PO2 Noel Balaca;
PO1 Romeo Cempron; PO2 Joel Dulnuan; PO2 Christopher Lalan;
PO2 Walner Danao; PO2 Franklin Danao; PO2 Omar Nacionales;
PO2 Godofredo Cabanlit Candano; PO1 Russel Bilog;
PO1 Loreto Capinding; PO3 Junrel Kibete; PO1 Gringo Cayango;
PO2 Rodel Ramacula; PO1 Joseph Sagonoy;
PO3 John Lloyd Sumbilla; PO2 Chum Agabon; PO3 Robert Allaga;
PO1 Mark Lory Clemencio; PO1 Oliebeth Viernes;
PO2 Richelle Baluga; PO3 Andres Duque; PO3 Jedz-in Asjali;
PO2 Amman Esmula; PO3 Victoriano Acain; PI Joey Gamutan;
PI John Garry Erana; PSI Cyrus Anniban; PI Rennie Tyrus (missing).

Words are now totally meaningless. The hazy, insensitive and illogical explanation of the PNP’s hierarchy as to what happened leaves our thirst for truth and justice severely unquenched.

The nation’s heart has already been shattered. Interior Secretary Mar Roxas (“Roxas”), who has direct control and supervision over the PNP misdirects the public,

hoping to soften the blow of the said police operation and attempts to muddle the situation with his empty and disrespectful rhetoric.

What happened is not a “misencounter” Secretary Roxas, but plain and simple gruesome murder. Do not belittle the lives of the fallen by using such patronizing word.

The President has failed to timely condole, console and inspire a grieving nation. This time you and                                     you alone,  Mr. President, should take full responsibility for this deadly encounter.

There is no one else to blame.

To the high-government officials of our country, who took part in this covert police operation, you have blood in your hands.

The lasting peace we all aspire for can only be achieved once justice has been served.
Incompetence is truly a crime.

(E-mail me at rprquicho@gmail.com; Follow me at Twitter @ricoquicho)

Take this MILF statement at face value. It was said and it was meant. They’ve always wanted to negotiate from a position of strength and put the government in a position of fear.
That’s how mafiosis operate; terrorists are no different. The difference is the same. As we would say in our younger days to people who threatened us but didn’t fear – chikinini mo!
  •  Sonny Ongkiko … Yes sir chikinini nila!
  •  Marvin Calvelo … para sa milf
    Marvin Calvelo's photo.
  •  Rafael Alunan III …  How can anyone talk peace with liars who say the BIFF is their enemy for breaking away only to find them co-habitating in the same area protecting international fugitives, and participating in the massacre of law enforcers? Who the effing are they fooling? Not me!
  •  Tonie Bufete …  tangna nanakot pa
  •  Alfonso V. Alvarez … Your armed forces is on “hunting” mode now. Just waiting…
  •  Charm Laguna Motto …  Sir, let’s give them the taste of their own medicine mga hinayupak patay na nga pinagtataga at pinapuputulan pa at ninakawan pa!
  •  Ricky Soler Jr … Why is the GRP negotiating from a position of weakness?
  •  Marlou Jonathan Castaneda Planos  … To all Members of the house of representatives we taxpayers of Mindanao also asking a BANGSA KRISTIYANO very urgent to defend our people, homes, family and our homeland.
    Marlou Jonathan Castaneda Planos's photo.
  •  Sulay Halipa … MILF-BIFF-GRP=GOODBYE PHILIPPINES! God forbids…
  •  Nona Rust …  Exactly…stop the peace talks…laban kung laban…matira ang matibay…nakakasawa na…Tama na ang gaguhan..
  •  Maria Victoria Carino Ito … hala.?!… demanding…?!
  •  Marilu Rodriguez Neumann Scheich …  sharing..i am furious! thanks..
  •  Sulay Halipa … Sad to say- A Government without Balls!
  •  Genaro Joel Magsino …  kasasabi lang ni fvr set aside the peace process…iisa ng ng bansa natin at ito ay pilipinas wala BIFF-Basangmoro…. asan ng pilipinas dun?
  •  Raymund Baliguas Abosejo … Sir, Permission to post if I may.
  •  Raymund Baliguas Abosejo … As to these, ANIMALS. THEY ARE NOT FILIPINOS.
  •  Rakastan Sinua … as the spokesman of BIFF have said…they join the fight because they thought that the camp of their brigade commander was attack which is the 105th brigade base command of the MILF…..coming from his mouth, indeed BIFF and MILF are one!!!
  •  Emmanuel Gonzalez … Dealing with a terrorist is like dealing with Mr.Jeckle and Mr. Hyde.
  •  Remia Regalado … Sir, during the live press con in malacanang, did you hear his answer to the question of the GMA reporter: “Categorical Answer lang, Sir. Did you or did you not give the go signal for this operation?” — what he said made me say, : WHAT?!?!?!? THE F@#^!”
  •  Michell Dela Paz … Permission to share, Sir. Thanks!
  •  Arturo Tolentino …  Manloloko lang ang mga yan.  Bakit ba sila magaan kay pinoy. Takot ba si pinoy sa kanila?
  •  Jadelson Calleja … Our govt always submits to terrorist demands.. fckng lame
  •  Uggot T Kamote … Okinnada amin…
  •  Elmer Baguioro …  ABNOY himself said Government agents/troopers have been keeping a close watch and tracking Marwan since May2014, yet raids seem to always be foiled due to the presence of MILF/BIFF elements causing skirmishes. The SAF wouldn’t have sent such large conSee More
  •  Jp Velasco … like his father before him, trying to be friendly with the msians
  •  Mervin Babiera … president s for busines only, and fo
  •  AF Son Jose … are they in the position to make a threat?  something must be done on this goverment                     to move correctly..
  •  Mervin Babiera … president s gud for busines and beautification, he should act now “WAR s bes option”
  •  Anton Japorms …  And therein lies the rub. Pass it or else.
  •  Elmer Baguioro …  Notice the SILENCE of TRILLANES???
  •  DonnaBarbara Regalado … Idiots!!! Bangsa Moro-Moro!
  •  Kaspog Si Psalm … Na spoiled kasi ang mga kampon ng demonyong mga teroristang ito sa kaka beybi ng mga namuno sa bansa natin kaya kung umasta daig pa ang unggoy sa kayabangan. Mas masaklap duwag ang kasalukuyang namumuno sa bansa, takot lumaban sa kalaban ng bayan, maraSee More
  •  AF Son Jose … trillanes,honasan et al namantikaan na kasi ang mga hinayupak….
  •  Ben Entico … Have no fear – whether or not the leadership will approve it or not there will be fighting.
  •  Joselito Gonzaga … Now where is MADAM ETA ROSALES The ” HUMAN RIGHTS DEPENDER ” Well allow me Mr Raymund is kind of goverment of ours is like chop suey or miswa. Bull shit
  •  Lito Condez …  “Or Else”? Well, Chikinini to MILF. I’m just smiling here, with my Brods. Feeling no fear whatsoever.
  •  Capitan Migoy … i am very supportive of BBL but with the way MILF is acting, without feeling empathy for the entire nation angry and deeply sad for lost of our gallant servicemen makes me want to withdrew support –i am praying that reason will prevail…
  •  Eric Montilla … When I was in grade school, I used to hear my elders say: “a good moro is a dead moro” and “dugong aso ang mga moro”…of course those are illicit generalizations…but how much truth is there to it ???
    Let it be known that I have cousins and an aunt from the minority.
  •  Arthur Go Ifurung … i wholeheartedly agree with you. I don’t need to explain, i am too upset. This president needs to be side slapped upside the head. What a MORON. And these murderers need to be taught that peace is not just a word.
  •  Anton Japorms … The saying “if you give a mouse a cookie, it’s gonna want a glass of milk” sounds very profound nowadays
  •  Turling Ng Cebu … you can’t talk peace and have a gun,, we want peace but all they want is for us to rest in peace!.
  •  Ramir O. Condes …  do they deserve self-rule?
  •  Edwin Sonoy …  My time…we say ” nek nek mo…ano ka, baliw”…
  •  Raymund Baliguas Abosejo … Let us NOT FORGET. In larger picture. Learning from the basics such as See More
  •  Fred Lumba … They have a ready and prepared line of standard response. “They fired first so we returned fire also. Self defense lang.” How many times have the MILF said this? Sino ang maniniwala sa inyo? Thats why the SAF soldiers were wiped out because they did not know what hit them. They were comlletely surrounded as shown by TV footages.
  •  Mon Magbanua … This government is too intimidated by the antics and bluffing gimmicks of of Murad, Ghadzalli etc who are common criminals, scammers etc. as they are. Now the KKK (who controls Pnoy) should have the balls and the will to prove that they are no pushoveSee More
  •  Mon Magbanua Word of advice, Pnoy/KKK, to make it easier, just let the “Ilagas” of Mindanao do the job for you. They know how to do it better.
  •  RollyJames Esling … I observed the faces of the MILF leaders as they were interviewed after the bloody incident and noticed they were grinning. Obviously they were jubillant they humiliated the PNP-SAC its worst defeat in a battle. Misencounter? Sa ngiting aso na ipinakita nila, it was an ambushed, a premeditated massacre.
  •  RollyJames Esling … In the picture the dead body of one police commando ay tinapakan sa ulo ng paa ng isang villager. Clear proof pati mga sibilyan sa lugar na iyan ay kakampi ng MILF. A muslim will always be a muslim. They looked at christians as infidels and will kill them when opportunity arises.
    RollyJames Esling's photo.
  •  RollyJames Esling … Can we co-exist with muslims? I don’t think so.
  •  Felicimo Villegas Luzoraga … Let us oppose the BBL.
  •  RollyJames Esling … Instead of showing sympathy to the fallen PNP commandos and lament the misencounter as they claimed, they have the gall to announce boastfully 64 actually died and not just 44 as officially recorded by the PNP and independent observers.
  •  Ryu Mc Reter … Inabangan ko ang adress ni PNoy, I admired him alot pero i was very disgusted with his adress, dapat nag cohost nalang sya kay kris pareho silang pussycat….
  •  Edwin Sonoy … PNoy neeeds to put a pair of cajones..
  •  Titus Velez … We love peace, but not peace at any price. – Douglas William Jerrold
     Kurukatoji Ku … Sa aking pananaw ang Mission ng Presidente ay ipagpatuloy ang mga layunin ng 2 niyang mga Traydor na mga magulang ang lolo ng presidente ay isa ring taksil sa Filipinas. Japanese collaborator naman ang lolo niya.
     Tony Leachon … It’s a soft and blurry speech ( provoked ) unlike his assaultive fiery speech ( unprovoked and out of line for a state visit ) at the palace during Pope Francis ‘ visit. Inappropriate response and affect to the magnitude of the problem.  President BSSee More
    Kurukatoji Ku … Sa aking pakiramdam hindi nasaktan ang Presidente sa kamatayan ng mga sundalo natin. Kung nasaktan siya dapat ang BLL ay ihinto muna at mas pagaralan ng mas malalim. Sa panahong ito ang mga namatay at pamilya nila ang ating pararangalan at hindi ang paSee More
  •  Paulita Agpaoa … And why is the govt. babying these bullies? They need to take control! Ang govt nagpapa tuta sa mga rebelde.
  •  Kurukatoji Ku … BBL ang ibig kong sabihin sa BLL.
  •  Jonathan Chim …  Kaya nga ngayon lang siya nagsalita dahil balewala sa kanya ang pagkamatay ng nga tao niya.  BILANG AMA NG BAYAN…….GANYAN PA SALITA NIYA GAGO KA KUNG AMA KA NG BAYANG ITO PAGPUTOK PALANG NG BALITA DAPAT NAGPA PRESSCON KANA AT GALIT NA GALIT KA DAPAT See More
  •  George Hernandez … Pnoy’s speech did not show any empathy to the families of the slain PNP SAF & the whole nation ! What is worse is that he appeared to have taken the role of a spokesman for the MILF & the BIFF!!!

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