466th blog … uruguay, mamasapano ng saf at ang congress ng starbucks!

reported on january 25, 2015, the president of uruguay recently lent a helping hand to an unsuspecting hitchhiker by offering him a lift home after a long day of work.

the hitchiker, a paper mill worker, said 25 to 30 cars already passed him before a 1987 blue Volkswagen Beetle pulled to the side of the road to give him a ride.

Inside the car, he said, sat the uruguayan president  and his wife.

He could not believe the President stopped to give him a ride and thanked the couple for their generosity.

“When I got out, I thanked them profusely, because not everyone helps someone out on the road, and much less a president”.

He added the couple allowed him to take a couple pictures as a keepsake from the trip, which  he promptly uploaded to his Facebook page.

The president, unofficially nicknamed ‘the poorest president in the world,’ and his wife have a worldwide reputation for their modest lifestyle.

In 2010, the couple decided to not move into the presidential palace after his inauguration. Instead, they continued to live in the same small farm as earlier in their marriage.

Earlier this year,  the president estimated all his assets totaled around $323,000. Reports also say he donates a majority of his monthly salary, around $11,000, to various homeless charities in Uruguay.

In the 1970s, he was part of the Tupamaro’s guerilla group, which carried out bank robberies and kidnappings. The group distributed the stolen food and money to Uruguay’s poor. Due to his affiliation with the group, police shot Mujica six times and he spent 14 years in military prison.

He said he thinks it is important for leaders to remember their practical purpose to the people they represent and not allow illusions of power to cloud their perceptions of self-importance.

“He is a civil servant. I think the ideal way of living is to live like the vast majority of people whom we attempt to serve and represent,” he once commented on the role of a president.

Paz Ramirez said … what a great gesture of a president!!

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Pinga Parasapinga … i may be not the president, but still, please accept my thanks! heheheh!                                         btw, nonoy is still the abnoy president of the philippines! …

    AKSYON | Inisa-isang sinabi ng ilang miyembro ng Special Action Force (SAF) kay Interior Sec. Mar Roxas ang kanilang sama ng loob sa gobyerno. Dito iginiit nila na hindi aksidenteng engkwentro ang nangyari. Kasunod nito ay ang tanong kung bakit matagal bago nirespondehan ang kanilang kabaro. Alamin ang detalye sa ulat ni Ina Zara.
Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
Pinga Parasapinga's photo.

464th blog … eh, mongoloid nga! ala kayong magagawa!

parasapinga … bibirada na naman sina kris sa tv, ilihis ang issue, para matakpan ang mga kapalpakan ng mga aquino-cojuangco, mula pa noong massacre sa luisita, aandar na naman ang mga yellow propaganda, seseguna naman si korina, nakngputa! puro desgrasya ang natatamasa, hahahaha! Fernand Arevalreanta … Langya naman oo, nag luluksa ang mga naulila ng Mamasapano Massacre SAF “the fallen 44” itong si pangulong Aquino ngising aso na naman kase may bagong pasinaya ng motor company at ipagmamalaki na maganda ang ekonomiya. [ 568 more words. ]

Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo.
Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo.Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo.Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo.
Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo.

463rd blog … mamasapano, panonakayo?

Justice! Written by Atty.Rico Paolo R. Quicho Thursday, 29 January 2010 The tragic loss of the lives of the 44 members of Philippine National Police-Special Action Force (“PNP-SAF”), who were brutally killed in Mamasapano, Maguindanao last Sunday is grim reminder that the road to peace is not a straight and rosy path (as we have been led to believe) but one winding and complex, full of potholes and booby traps, and which we must navigate with great care. [ 2057 more words. ]

Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
410th blog … pinga, pigna, pinea, pineal gland … third eye?!?

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