469th blog … ang mga sapinsapaa! at mga sapinsatiyan!, at ang peugot ng buhay ko, bow!

Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
Pinga Parasapinga's photo.

Hiningan ni Bise Presidente Jejomar Binay si Senador Antonio Trillanes ng apology dahil sa akusasyon tungkol sa Home Development Mutual Fund.

Ang tagapagsalita ni Binay na si Rico Quicho ay nagsabi na misinformation campaign ang akusasyon ni Trillanes na kumita ang Bise Presidente sa housing projects, gayong inamin ng senador na wala siyang ebidensya.

“At the very least, we should demand a public apology from Senator Trillanes because he has sullied the good reputation of a government institution.

He owes it not only to Vice President Binay, not only to Atty. Berberabe but to the whole Pag-IBIG as an institution, to the members and to all stakeholders, partners of Pag-IBIG” pahayag ni Quicho sa kanyang panayam sa ANC Headstart.

Si Binay ang kasalukuyang chairman ng Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC), habang ang hipag ng kanyang chief of staff na si Darlene Berberabe ang Pag-IBIG Fund president at chief executive officer.

“Masakit para sa mga kawani ng pamahalaan, lalong lalo na doon sa Pag-IBIG na nagtatrabaho araw-araw para mapaganda yung serbisyo sa taumbayan tapos meron tayong isang senador na walang basehan, walang ebidenya, na magbibintang na lang ng kahit ano”.

“For what? For his own self-aggrandizement,” dagdag ng tagapagsalita. Naniniwala si Quincho na ginagawa ito ni Trillanes upang pabanguhin ang kanyang pangalan para sa nalalapit na 2016 elections.

“We feel that Sen. Trillanes is really hopeless at this point. He is not gaining any attention so he is trying to drumbeat his name at the expense of the Vice President,”

Samantala, sa hiwalay na panayam ng ANC ay walang balak humingi ng public apology si Berberabe bagkus ay nais niyang ipatama kay Trillanes ang maling impormasyon na ikinalat niya.

“Let’s base our allegations on facts,” wika ni Berberabe. “To say that we favor contractors in awarding housing projects is simply false because we do not award projects, nor do we deal with contractors.

It is unfortunate that an allegation which discredits the integrity of Pag-IBIG Fund is made, but the basis is not provided”.

and to further complicate your trillanes mind, let me ask these billones questions to you!

which is stronger, proof or evidence? if it is a mathematical proof, then it is either right or wrong, while evidence can be weak or gray.

there is also such an animal as authoritarian evidence, and anecdotes that can be a useful evidence, but can it be considered strong evidence?

to some people, proof is already an evidence, because proof is simpler, shorter and more concise?

does proof really need to be mathematical or deductive because it can also be inductive to remain within the boundaries of logical reasoning, as claimed.

being reasonable is an avenue for more questions, but can they be logically consistent, or does it depend upon something outside the set of known axioms?

how about indirect verification, can it use the conclusion as an axiom just produce another reasonable conclusions?

when a thing looks like a duck, walks like a duck or quacks like a duck, is it really and actually a duck? is actual different from real?

is there such a state of “quackness” that can be examined directly to formulate a reasonable conclusion that such thing is really a duck?

or simply make a prediction or perception that because it looks, walks and quacks like a duck, then it is a duck?

can all of these be a mere hypothesis? and why are theories and predictions always and forever prevalent.

what about generalization and conclusions? are they just anecdotes or a bunch of evidences adding up to another bag of evidences?

words, words, words, hehehe

Lawyer Rico Quicho, once a part of the defense team of  chief justice Renato Corona, knew right at the beginning that lining himself in defense against a political court of the senate, shall not win in that political proceeding.  Yet, he and the other members of the defense team committed themselves unto the inevitable verdict of an impeachment

Lawyer Rico Quicho is now Vice President Jejomar Binay’s spokesman for political concerns. He will soon be speaking for and defending another client: Vice President Jejomar Binay.

Beginning this year, lawyer Rico Paolo Quicho will be one of Binay’s new spokespersons just as Cavite Governor Juanito Victor Remulla steps down as the Vice President’s spokesman for political concerns.

Quicho accompanied Binay to the vote-rich province of Cebu, where the Vice President conducted relief operations in typhoon-hit towns.

Quicho’s experience will come in handy as Binay continues to face the biggest corruption scandal to hit him in more than 20 years of politics.

Binay and his son, Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr, face plunder charges over an alleged overpriced Makati City building constructed during their consecutive terms as mayor.

The building also became the subject of a Senate Blue Ribbon subcommittee probe, which has since turned into a venue for Binay’s former-allies-turned-foes to accuse him of rigging bids and accepting hefty kickbacks when he was mayor of Makati.

Binay has denied the allegations, insisting they are only part of a plot to thwart his chances of winning the presidency in 2016.

Why Binay?

Quicho has been part of Binay’s team since 2013, roughly after the Corona trial. “I volunteered, I wrote to the Vice President. After the impeachment trial, I wanted to enter politics,” Quicho told Rappler.

But the young lawyer opted not to run in 2013, instead working in the background with Binay’s team. “I was working with the Vice President, learning how he appreciates things, how he handles problems,” he added.

Why Binay? Quicho said it’s Binay experience in local governance that drew him in. “He is known to have a good continuity. He’s a reformer, but he knows the policies to continue.”

“I’ve been with the Vice President even before all these issues and I’ve seen him up close and personal. There are so many reasons why I want to vote for him but sa akin kasi (but primarily), it’s the compassion.

Nakikita ko kasi na (I’ve come to realize that) we need a doer,” he added.

As the elections draw nearer and as Binay’s political foes gear up for even more exposés against the Vice President, Quicho said it will be important for people to understand that “evidence is different from proof and that perception is different from presumption.”

“Majority of Filipinos don’t want this to continue. Majority want the proper procedure. They should file the proper case before the courts. Let the accused defend himself,” said Quicho, referring to the corruption allegations against Binay.

Thus far, there are two plunder cases against the Binays – the first for the controversial Makati City Hall Building 2 and the second over the Makati City High School Building.

Whistleblowers in the subcommittee probe have been turning over documents and other supposed documents to the Justice department.

On top of his new role as Binay’s spokesman, Quicho is currently taking his Masters of Laws degree at the University of California in Berkeley. He is also a law professor at San Beda and runs his own law firm, Quicho & Angeles Law Offices.

Remulla, explained Binay, needs time off to work on his re-election bid but will still be part of his team on an “on call basis.” The governor added his stepping down as spokesman was “part of the agreement” from the very beginning.

Nothing much will change with Quicho’s entry as spokesman. “The bottomline, and this is what the Vice President is trying to tell us: they should veer away from politics and focus on the task on hand. We will always go back to the issue, the problems,” said Quicho.

In a previous interview with Rappler, Remulla said he would no longer be involved in their regular – almost daily – meetings but may return as spokesman in the months preceding the May 2016 elections.

Quicho won’t be alone in speaking in behalf of Binay: he joins the Vice President’s media affairs chief Joey Salgado.Navotas Representative Tobias Tiangco and lawyer JV Bautista, both from Binay’s United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), meanwhile, are spokesmen for the would-be party.

Remulla was introduced as Binay’s spokesman in August 2014, just as the subcommittee began its probe. Remulla is a member of the Nacionalista Party (NP), of which subcommittee members Senators Antonio Trillanes IV and Alan Peter Cayetano are also members.

During the governor’s 4-month stint as Binay’s spokesman, the Vice President was accused of owning a vast hacienda in Batangas through dummies and of owning undeclared foreign bank accounts as early as the 80s.

Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
ang mga sapinsapaa ay gamit sa paglalakbay upang hindi matinik sa mga daanan …                                                     marami na silang narating na lugar pero nananatili silang buhay …

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