470th blog … maraming bigas ang mga ortigas!

hundreds of sacks of rotten rice have been found abandoned inside the the government compounds.

the sacks of rotten rice were discovered because passersby, including government workers near the area, noticed its unpleasant smell.

there is suspicion in some quarters that the rotten rice was part of donations for yolanda victims last year, but this was denied by government officials.

In an interview, a customs collector  claimed the more than 900 sacks of rice were not donations for yolanda victims but suspected smuggled rice that had been issued a warrant of seizure and detention.

when asked, however, where the sacks of rice came from, and when the seizure procedure began, the collector refused to answer, saying it would take him one week to get such information.

He also denied that this was NFA rice, insisting that it was commercial rice. “That’s not NFA rice, that’s commercial rice. It can’t be NFA because of its color,” … heheheh!

He said they could not dispose of the sacks of rotten rice without instructions from ENRO.

“Bahala na sila diyan, basta kami on record. Hindi naman kami makakapag dispose niyan. Hindi pa sila nag-identify ng lugar.”

Kaya nga, ang bigas na pinaghirapan ng mga magsasaka ay mawawala lamang na parang bula.

Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
jetri! bike na tayo! :) - diego @lalabolintiam

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