469th blog … ang mga sapinsapaa! at mga sapinsatiyan!, at ang peugot ng buhay ko, bow!

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Hiningan ni Bise Presidente Jejomar Binay si Senador Antonio Trillanes ng apology dahil sa akusasyon tungkol sa Home Development Mutual Fund.

Ang tagapagsalita ni Binay na si Rico Quicho ay nagsabi na misinformation campaign ang akusasyon ni Trillanes na kumita ang Bise Presidente sa housing projects, gayong inamin ng senador na wala siyang ebidensya.

“At the very least, we should demand a public apology from Senator Trillanes because he has sullied the good reputation of a government institution.

He owes it not only to Vice President Binay, not only to Atty. Berberabe but to the whole Pag-IBIG as an institution, to the members and to all stakeholders, partners of Pag-IBIG” pahayag ni Quicho sa kanyang panayam sa ANC Headstart.

Si Binay ang kasalukuyang chairman ng Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC), habang ang hipag ng kanyang chief of staff na si Darlene Berberabe ang Pag-IBIG Fund president at chief executive officer.

“Masakit para sa mga kawani ng pamahalaan, lalong lalo na doon sa Pag-IBIG na nagtatrabaho araw-araw para mapaganda yung serbisyo sa taumbayan tapos meron tayong isang senador na walang basehan, walang ebidenya, na magbibintang na lang ng kahit ano”.

“For what? For his own self-aggrandizement,” dagdag ng tagapagsalita. Naniniwala si Quincho na ginagawa ito ni Trillanes upang pabanguhin ang kanyang pangalan para sa nalalapit na 2016 elections.

“We feel that Sen. Trillanes is really hopeless at this point. He is not gaining any attention so he is trying to drumbeat his name at the expense of the Vice President,”

Samantala, sa hiwalay na panayam ng ANC ay walang balak humingi ng public apology si Berberabe bagkus ay nais niyang ipatama kay Trillanes ang maling impormasyon na ikinalat niya.

“Let’s base our allegations on facts,” wika ni Berberabe. “To say that we favor contractors in awarding housing projects is simply false because we do not award projects, nor do we deal with contractors.

It is unfortunate that an allegation which discredits the integrity of Pag-IBIG Fund is made, but the basis is not provided”.

and to further complicate your trillanes mind, let me ask these billones questions to you!

which is stronger, proof or evidence? if it is a mathematical proof, then it is either right or wrong, while evidence can be weak or gray.

there is also such an animal as authoritarian evidence, and anecdotes that can be a useful evidence, but can it be considered strong evidence?

to some people, proof is already an evidence, because proof is simpler, shorter and more concise?

does proof really need to be mathematical or deductive because it can also be inductive to remain within the boundaries of logical reasoning, as claimed.

being reasonable is an avenue for more questions, but can they be logically consistent, or does it depend upon something outside the set of known axioms?

how about indirect verification, can it use the conclusion as an axiom just produce another reasonable conclusions?

when a thing looks like a duck, walks like a duck or quacks like a duck, is it really and actually a duck? is actual different from real?

is there such a state of “quackness” that can be examined directly to formulate a reasonable conclusion that such thing is really a duck?

or simply make a prediction or perception that because it looks, walks and quacks like a duck, then it is a duck?

can all of these be a mere hypothesis? and why are theories and predictions always and forever prevalent.

what about generalization and conclusions? are they just anecdotes or a bunch of evidences adding up to another bag of evidences?

words, words, words, hehehe

Lawyer Rico Quicho, once a part of the defense team of  chief justice Renato Corona, knew right at the beginning that lining himself in defense against a political court of the senate, shall not win in that political proceeding.  Yet, he and the other members of the defense team committed themselves unto the inevitable verdict of an impeachment

Lawyer Rico Quicho is now Vice President Jejomar Binay’s spokesman for political concerns. He will soon be speaking for and defending another client: Vice President Jejomar Binay.

Beginning this year, lawyer Rico Paolo Quicho will be one of Binay’s new spokespersons just as Cavite Governor Juanito Victor Remulla steps down as the Vice President’s spokesman for political concerns.

Quicho accompanied Binay to the vote-rich province of Cebu, where the Vice President conducted relief operations in typhoon-hit towns.

Quicho’s experience will come in handy as Binay continues to face the biggest corruption scandal to hit him in more than 20 years of politics.

Binay and his son, Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr, face plunder charges over an alleged overpriced Makati City building constructed during their consecutive terms as mayor.

The building also became the subject of a Senate Blue Ribbon subcommittee probe, which has since turned into a venue for Binay’s former-allies-turned-foes to accuse him of rigging bids and accepting hefty kickbacks when he was mayor of Makati.

Binay has denied the allegations, insisting they are only part of a plot to thwart his chances of winning the presidency in 2016.

Why Binay?

Quicho has been part of Binay’s team since 2013, roughly after the Corona trial. “I volunteered, I wrote to the Vice President. After the impeachment trial, I wanted to enter politics,” Quicho told Rappler.

But the young lawyer opted not to run in 2013, instead working in the background with Binay’s team. “I was working with the Vice President, learning how he appreciates things, how he handles problems,” he added.

Why Binay? Quicho said it’s Binay experience in local governance that drew him in. “He is known to have a good continuity. He’s a reformer, but he knows the policies to continue.”

“I’ve been with the Vice President even before all these issues and I’ve seen him up close and personal. There are so many reasons why I want to vote for him but sa akin kasi (but primarily), it’s the compassion.

Nakikita ko kasi na (I’ve come to realize that) we need a doer,” he added.

As the elections draw nearer and as Binay’s political foes gear up for even more exposés against the Vice President, Quicho said it will be important for people to understand that “evidence is different from proof and that perception is different from presumption.”

“Majority of Filipinos don’t want this to continue. Majority want the proper procedure. They should file the proper case before the courts. Let the accused defend himself,” said Quicho, referring to the corruption allegations against Binay.

Thus far, there are two plunder cases against the Binays – the first for the controversial Makati City Hall Building 2 and the second over the Makati City High School Building.

Whistleblowers in the subcommittee probe have been turning over documents and other supposed documents to the Justice department.

On top of his new role as Binay’s spokesman, Quicho is currently taking his Masters of Laws degree at the University of California in Berkeley. He is also a law professor at San Beda and runs his own law firm, Quicho & Angeles Law Offices.

Remulla, explained Binay, needs time off to work on his re-election bid but will still be part of his team on an “on call basis.” The governor added his stepping down as spokesman was “part of the agreement” from the very beginning.

Nothing much will change with Quicho’s entry as spokesman. “The bottomline, and this is what the Vice President is trying to tell us: they should veer away from politics and focus on the task on hand. We will always go back to the issue, the problems,” said Quicho.

In a previous interview with Rappler, Remulla said he would no longer be involved in their regular – almost daily – meetings but may return as spokesman in the months preceding the May 2016 elections.

Quicho won’t be alone in speaking in behalf of Binay: he joins the Vice President’s media affairs chief Joey Salgado.Navotas Representative Tobias Tiangco and lawyer JV Bautista, both from Binay’s United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), meanwhile, are spokesmen for the would-be party.

Remulla was introduced as Binay’s spokesman in August 2014, just as the subcommittee began its probe. Remulla is a member of the Nacionalista Party (NP), of which subcommittee members Senators Antonio Trillanes IV and Alan Peter Cayetano are also members.

During the governor’s 4-month stint as Binay’s spokesman, the Vice President was accused of owning a vast hacienda in Batangas through dummies and of owning undeclared foreign bank accounts as early as the 80s.

Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
ang mga sapinsapaa ay gamit sa paglalakbay upang hindi matinik sa mga daanan …                                                     marami na silang narating na lugar pero nananatili silang buhay …

468th blog … magkapeka makoy parasa papa at gumala sa mga lupa nina ortigas at cojuangco-aquino, et al!

life-saver makoy?

Bolivian Benjamin Mendoza tried and failed to kill Pope Paul VI in November 1970 — the first Pope ever to visit the Philippines and the Far East.

Alex Allan was a young reporter for philippine media wearing a local police officer’s uniform, while Benjamin Mendoza, a bolivian surrealist painter, was dressed like a priest in his attempt to assassinate the pope.

According to Allan, on the day of the pope’s arrival he was with a general named ordonez at the tarmac, posing as his aide.

And yes, Marcos and Imelda were about two feet away from the pope, just as Alex and Benjamin, when the historic attack happened..

The Bolivian artist was attacking the pope with a 9-inch kris, a dagger with a wavy blade, but was pushed to the ground by the pope’s secretary, a korean cardinal.

Immediately, the attacker was pushed on the ground and given a karate chop by the cardinal, then, two filipino soldiers took over, and brought him to a van.

On that same day, general ordonez gave him an instuction ‘Alex, hindi tayo ang nag-save kay pope, ha? It was Marcos who blocked him and karate chopped him. And it was Imelda who picked up the knife.’”

here is the status posted by Ejay Yan, which indicated that he was “feeling annoyed”:

“Sabi raw ng santo papa, sa pagdalaw nya rito wag daw sya ang gawing ‘focus’ kundi ang panginoong dyos.

ABA ABA. ayos ah?! mawalang galang na po pero mukhang may mali ata?

Dadalaw dalaw ka dito; naabala ang lahat, naistorbo ang payroll schedules dahil sa limang araw na holidays na dinulot ng saradong mga daan at sobrang traffic;

at kahit na sabihin pa natin na simbahan ang gumastos sayo, ang laki pa rin ng gastos ng gobyerno para magbigay kooperasyon para sa siguridad mo at san pa ba kinuha yan kundi sa buwis na pinagpawisan namin; tapos HINDI PALA

Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.

Ortigas center is located at the boundaries of Pasig, Mandaluyong, and Quezon City in the Philippines, with an area of more than 100 hectares (250 acres).

The center is surrounded by the streets of EDSA to the west, Ortigas Avenue to the north, Meralco Avenue to the east, and Shaw Boulevard to the south.

How the ownership of 4,033-hectare “Hacienda de Mandaloyon”, claimed as estate of the Augustinians priests, was turned over to Ortigas through what means, is a big question mark that should cleared in the minds the tagalog inhabitants of manila.

On January 20, 1920, the roman catholic church through the augustinian fathers surrendered this property to Dr. Frank W. Dudley and Don Francisco Ortigas.

Dr. Dudley later transferred his interest to Phil C. Whitaker, and the company became known as Whitaker and Ortigas.

On July 10, 1931, Ortigas, Madrigal y Cia was incorporated as a limited partnership among Francisco Ortigas (Don Paco), Vicente Madrigal, B.C.M. Johnston, Fulgencio Borromeo, Clyde A. Dewitt and Manuel L. Quezon.

From “Lupang Payatas” of the original tagalog natives, the prime lands of the tagalog nobility were converted into hacienda by the spanish government, then, by the american government which endowed the same lands to the old timers and newcomers from china, america and spain by virtue of a titling system of a certain Torrens from australia, under the magdalo government of a chinese/spanish mestizo president, Manuel L. Quezon.

The northern portion of the area is part of Quezon City in Ugong Norte where Robinsons Galleria, Holiday Inn Manila and Crowne Plaza Manila, and the Galleria Regency.

The 5-level shopping mall Robinsons Galleria used to be owned by SSS and Ortigas CBD.

In 1987, John Gokongwei bought the large portion of the land from SSS and started construction of the mall that opened in 1990.

The center’s western portion is part of Mandaluyong City in the eastern side of Barangay Wackwack Greenhills where most of the shopping malls in the area are located like SM Megamall, The Podium, Shangri-la Plaza Mall and St. Francis Square Mall, all nearby of Cybergate Center.

The eastern portion is part of Pasig City in barangay San Antonio formerly a part of kapitolyo where most of Pasig’s financial resources are primarily concentrated.

All the incorporators, except Quezon who was President of the Philippine Senate at that time, were constituted as managing and general partners (socios gerentes colectivos) while the other shareholders were designated limited partners (socios comanditarios).

The objective of the partnership was to acquire the Hacienda de Mandaloyon, which spanned the municipalities that are now known as Mandaluyong, San Juan, Pasig & Quezon City.

The Estate was to be disposed of either in large tracts or developed subdivided lots, and now actually owned by rich private lot owners:

… residential subdivisions (Barranca, Capitol, Wack-Wack, Greenhills, Valle Verde, Greenmeadows)

… shopping complexes (Greenhills Shopping Center, Tiendesitas at Frontera Verde, SM Megamall, Robinson’s Galleria, EDSA Shangri-La Plaza)

… hospitals (The New Medical City, Rizal Provincial Hospital, Cardinal Santos Medical Center)

… schools (De La Salle – Greenhills, Xavier School, Immaculate Conception Academy, Lourdes School, St. Pedro Poveda College, St. Paul College)

… churches (Santuario de San Jose, Mary The Queen, St. Francis, Our Lady of Peace Parish / EDSA Shrine)

… army camps (Camp Crame, Camp Aguinaldo, Rizal PC Headquarters)

… exclusive golf and country clubs (Valle Verde Country Club, Green Valley Country Club, Wack-Wack Golf and Country Club)

Francisco Ortigas y Barcinas, Sr. (1875-1935) was a prominent lawyer during the American colonial period and patriarch of the Ortigas family.

His father was Ignacio Ortigas who was a captain of the Spanish infantry and his mother was Asuncion Barcinas.

Francisco, known then as Don Paco, obtained his law licenciate in March 1896 and he joined lawyer Rafael del Pan to start a law office.

As Andres Bonifacio was killed on order of Aguinaldo, the Magdiwang in 1898 never stopped the philippine revolution that was resumed by the likes of Macario Sakay, Mariano Alvarez and Eleuterio Geronimo.

Don Paco continued his support to Quezon’s government and was appointed by the American military governor as a registrar of the south district of Manila from 1899 to 1901, and later, named as registrar of deeds for the city of Manila.

He opened a new law firm with spanish Rafael del Pan and American Frederick Fisher, called Ortigas, del Pan and Fishes Law Office, which achieved prominence together with the Sumulong law firm.

The American government designated them as chief investigators of anomalous titles and land purchases of the Spanish friars, and were the ones who “legitimized or legalized” the foreigners’ ownership of the tagalog lands.

Ortigas also became a law professor at the University of Santo Tomas and the University of the Philippines, where he became a member of the Boards of Regents.

Ortigas enlisted then Senate President Manuel L. Quezon as a limited partner (socio comanditario) in his law firm which intended to divide the large tract into residential and commercial subdivisions.

Ortigas married the socially prominent Julia Vargas de Ortigas y Camus, the daughter of the Governor Vargas of Basilan.

Their son Francisco Ortigas Jr. would also become a lawyer and actually used the laws they themselves made to expand into Ortigas & Co., Limited Partnership.

On January 20, 1920, the Augustinian Fathers sold this property to american Frank W. Dudley and Don Francisco Ortigas.

Dudley later surrendered his interest to Phil C. Whitaker, and the company became known as Whitaker and Ortigas.

Almost everything north of Pasig, west of Marikina, east of San Juan, and south of Diliman was owned by the Ortigas family.

And their strategy then was to unload or resell the lands as fast as possible, as revealed by Ortigas & Company chief operating officer.

Due to this, Greenhills Shopping Center, Greenhills subdivisions, Green Meadows, Wack-Wack, and Valle Verde were born.

Corinthian Gardens was developed by the Madrigals who originally were partners, while Acropolis property was acquired by Sta. Lucia, formerly Green Meadows phase 2.

Meanwhile, Corinthian Hills was developed by the Puyat being part of the vast Ortigas landholdings.

In 2005, Tiendesitas, a 18.5-hectare Frontera Verde property along the C-5 road in Pasig, began operations.

Luntala Valley Verde, a 77-unit residential townhouse development inside Valle Verde 6-A, was born, also Circulo Verde, a 12-hectare master-planned development.

About 60 hectares of prime land, including the one which used to house the Rizal Provincial Capitol, was reverted to the Ortigas partnership.

Sooner or later, 34 hectares of property that is Camps Crame and Aguinaldo will revert back to Ortigas, according to the chief operations.

In the early 1900s, most of the businesses were partnerships like that of the Ayalas and the Roxases, and for sure Ortigas would transform into corporations just like the others.

Circulo Verde, Greenhills Shopping Center and of course Capitol Commons where Elegance is located, shall be handled by ortigas corporations under a real estate investment trust that would reduce or eliminate corporate income taxes.

REIT law (RA No. 9856) was recently enacted providing regulatory and tax framework with shares listed on and traded at the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Revealed now is the coming up of Capitol Commons, a 10-hectare property that used to house the Rizal Provincial Capitol.

Only the politicians can really tell how much money or pork was shelled out or received in order to “revert” such a property to Ortigas, such as the Capitol Commons, project cost of which was reported to be more than P25 billion.

Another interim 18.5-hectare development project, such as Frontera Verde at the corner of Ortigas Avenue and E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue (C-5) in Barangay Ugong, Pasig City, is already in view.

Very near or adjacent to Tiendesitas and Frontera Verde, owned and managed by Ortigas & Co. are SM Hypermarket, Fun Ranch, Ark Avilon, Transcom Center, Silver City, and Shell Gas Station, with two more buildings built-to-suit for BPO locators.

Ortigas’ biggest residential project to date is the P15-billion Circulo Verde in Bagumbayan, Quezon City.

For Ortigas and Co., which turned 79 this year, from both a legal and business perspective, life is just about to begin for the group that has transformed a large part of the Metro Manila landscape into the lands of the rich foreigners.

Similarly, the Hacienda Luisita of the Aquino-Cojuangco family in tarlac, the plush villages of ayala, zobel and roxas in makati, and the rest of ownerships in manila, did have the same pattern of aquisitions of lands by making use of torrens titles, corporations, legalized history and most important, the short memories of the tagalog inhabitants.

Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
  •  … somewhere in a disputed area between tagig and malate,  underneath are ancient tunnels of tagalog natives … the surface area was were ancient mandirigma converged to surround the twin lakes of the kingdom of mabunga,  that was later on these modern times turned into a military camp by the invaders from the west and from across the pacific, then turned into a commercial area by the prevailing plutocrats … hehehePinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.


kung hindi nga ikaw, eh dapat nag misa ka nalang sa Skype at di na kaming lahat binulilyaso dito.

matagal nang pokus ng sangkatauhan ang panginoon nila dito, ang dami na ngang nadaganan at namatay sa Quiapo nung nakaraang linggo. pupunta punta ka dito daig mo pang dyos na bumaba galing langit, natural pagkakaguluhan ka! [na di ko naman maintindihan kung bakit.] ayy ewan.”

As of posting time, the said Facebook account named Ejay BigBear has been deactivated.

The post above only describes the eternal conflicts among men and their societies: the state, the church, the propagandists, the press, the internet, the media, the ordinary men and women, the advantaged and disadvantaged sects and sectors, the politics of the fanatical faithfuls, the governments, and so on and so forth, playing in this arena of life or non-life; and the dominant ones win, the one who can shout louder retains the position of prominence, and the weak can always deactivate, hehehehe! it’s really funny in manila …

467th blog … ang ina, ang saksi at ang pampang sa looban!

  • ang ina!

    dinala ka niya sa kanyang sinapupunan sa loob ng siyam na buwang singkad …

    she carried you inside her womb for nine whole months …

    dama niya ang pagkaliyo, ang pagkahilo na parang masusuka sa loob ng maraming panahon …

    she felt sick for months with nausea …

    namaga ang kanyang mga paa at nabanat ang kanyang balat na parang napipilas …

    she watched her feet swell and her skin stretch and tear.

    halos hindi makaayat sa hagdanan at laging nangangapos ang hininga kahit nga sa pagyuko lamang …

    she struggled to climb stairs, she got breathless quickly and even a simple task like bending forward was a huge struggle for her …

    hindi na mabilang ang mga gabing hindi siya mapagkatulog habang ikaw ay nananadyak, sumisipa, lumalangoy at namimilipit sa loob ng kanyang tiyan …

    she suffered many sleepless nights while you kicked and squirmed inside of her …

    naranasan niya ang karamdamang sakdal sakit na walang kaparis …                                                                         she went through excruciating pain to bring you into this world …

    siya ang iyong kaagay, katulong, tagapag-alaga, tagahanda ng iyong pagkain, alalay, tagaturo, pinakatapat mong taga-subaybay at pinakamabuti mong kaibigan …

    she became your nurse, your chef, your maid, your biggest fan, your teacher, and your best friend.

    pero binabalewala mo siya kadalasan ..

    but you take your mother for granted …

    merong mga taong hindi nakita kailanman ang kanilang mga ina …

    467ththere are people who have lost or have never even seen theirs …

    kung meron kang isang mapagmahal na ina na gumawa ng lahat ng mga nasaad sa itaas, napakasuwerte mo, kaya bigyan mo ng halaga ang kanyang katauhan, dahil darating ang araw na baka magsisi ka …

    if you have a loving mother who did all of this for you, you are very lucky, never devalue her worth because one day, you’ will wish you had not!

    ang saksi!

    humarap ang isang saksi na babaeng matanda sa isang hukuman para ipaliwanag ang isang krimeng nasaksihan …

    unang tanong ng abogado ng dipensa sa babaeng saksi: ako po ba ay kilala ninyo at kung kilala ninyo, sino po ako?

    agad-agad ang sagot: ah, opo, kilalang-kilala kopo kayo, iisang baryo po tayo, at alam ko po na kayo ay babaero, lasenggero at sug…

    biglang pinutol ng abogado ang sagot ng babae: uuurrrrmmmp! eh, kilala po ba ninyo ang abogado ng nagsasakdal?

    aba, opo! asawa po nya ang seksing babae na hinahalikan nyo nung malasing kayo nung isang lingg …

    pinutol nanaman ng abogado ang saksi sa pagsagot ng biglang sumigaw ang hukom ng “tigil!” …

    sinenyasan at pinalapit ng hukom ang abogadong nagtanong, at binulungan: “ssshhhh!, etong tandaan mo, hudas ka! ipabibitay kita ngayon din kapag tinanong mo ang saksi kung kilala nya ako . !@#$%&*!

    Holding the snail like a teacup! That's my Max! :)
    Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
    Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
    Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
    Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
    napanood na naman si mar roxas sa anc at sa harap ng saf-pnp ito ang kanyang sinabi sa pandinig ko: “dinamin ginusto na isubo kayo sa isang operasyong wala kayong tsansa …” hehehe! ano kabanaman,…

466th blog … uruguay, mamasapano ng saf at ang congress ng starbucks!

reported on january 25, 2015, the president of uruguay recently lent a helping hand to an unsuspecting hitchhiker by offering him a lift home after a long day of work.

the hitchiker, a paper mill worker, said 25 to 30 cars already passed him before a 1987 blue Volkswagen Beetle pulled to the side of the road to give him a ride.

Inside the car, he said, sat the uruguayan president  and his wife.

He could not believe the President stopped to give him a ride and thanked the couple for their generosity.

“When I got out, I thanked them profusely, because not everyone helps someone out on the road, and much less a president”.

He added the couple allowed him to take a couple pictures as a keepsake from the trip, which  he promptly uploaded to his Facebook page.

The president, unofficially nicknamed ‘the poorest president in the world,’ and his wife have a worldwide reputation for their modest lifestyle.

In 2010, the couple decided to not move into the presidential palace after his inauguration. Instead, they continued to live in the same small farm as earlier in their marriage.

Earlier this year,  the president estimated all his assets totaled around $323,000. Reports also say he donates a majority of his monthly salary, around $11,000, to various homeless charities in Uruguay.

In the 1970s, he was part of the Tupamaro’s guerilla group, which carried out bank robberies and kidnappings. The group distributed the stolen food and money to Uruguay’s poor. Due to his affiliation with the group, police shot Mujica six times and he spent 14 years in military prison.

He said he thinks it is important for leaders to remember their practical purpose to the people they represent and not allow illusions of power to cloud their perceptions of self-importance.

“He is a civil servant. I think the ideal way of living is to live like the vast majority of people whom we attempt to serve and represent,” he once commented on the role of a president.

Paz Ramirez said … what a great gesture of a president!!

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Pinga Parasapinga … i may be not the president, but still, please accept my thanks! heheheh!                                         btw, nonoy is still the abnoy president of the philippines! …

    AKSYON | Inisa-isang sinabi ng ilang miyembro ng Special Action Force (SAF) kay Interior Sec. Mar Roxas ang kanilang sama ng loob sa gobyerno. Dito iginiit nila na hindi aksidenteng engkwentro ang nangyari. Kasunod nito ay ang tanong kung bakit matagal bago nirespondehan ang kanilang kabaro. Alamin ang detalye sa ulat ni Ina Zara.
Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
Pinga Parasapinga's photo.

464th blog … eh, mongoloid nga! ala kayong magagawa!

parasapinga … bibirada na naman sina kris sa tv, ilihis ang issue, para matakpan ang mga kapalpakan ng mga aquino-cojuangco, mula pa noong massacre sa luisita, aandar na naman ang mga yellow propaganda, seseguna naman si korina, nakngputa! puro desgrasya ang natatamasa, hahahaha! Fernand Arevalreanta … Langya naman oo, nag luluksa ang mga naulila ng Mamasapano Massacre SAF “the fallen 44” itong si pangulong Aquino ngising aso na naman kase may bagong pasinaya ng motor company at ipagmamalaki na maganda ang ekonomiya. [ 568 more words. ]

Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo.
Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo.Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo.Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo.
Jill Pinga-Cruz's photo.

463rd blog … mamasapano, panonakayo?

Justice! Written by Atty.Rico Paolo R. Quicho Thursday, 29 January 2010 The tragic loss of the lives of the 44 members of Philippine National Police-Special Action Force (“PNP-SAF”), who were brutally killed in Mamasapano, Maguindanao last Sunday is grim reminder that the road to peace is not a straight and rosy path (as we have been led to believe) but one winding and complex, full of potholes and booby traps, and which we must navigate with great care. [ 2057 more words. ]

Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
410th blog … pinga, pigna, pinea, pineal gland … third eye?!?

465th blog … napanood banyo ang mamasapano?

napanood na naman si mar roxas sa anc at sa harap ng saf-pnp ito ang kanyang sinabi sa dinig ko:

“dinamin ginusto na isubo kayo sa isang operasyong wala kayong tsansa …”

hehehe! ano kabanaman, manuel? kayo mismo ang bumilang ng mga pinatay na mga saf sa mamasapano, tapos ssbihin mopa na dimo isusubo?

isaisa mopang sinasaluduhan ang mga saf na buhay pa, eh dikanaman marunong sumaludo! paranoong magbaranggay-trapik ka, lalong gumulo ang traffic! hehehe2u!!!

eh sino ba talaga si manuel “mar” roxas? alaey, apo siya ni manuel roxas na naging presidente ng markanong commonwealth na pinagsilbihan nina quezon at osmena sa panahon din ng makahapong si laurel; kaalyado din ni mar ang mga araneta at mga ortigas at ang mga  lolo niya ay ang mga zobel de ayala; at si mar ay isang bisaya.

ano na naman ngayon ang gagawin nyo sa saf? magtuturuan? maglalaro ng pasahang-bola? larong-buko para ipasa ang bukol sa ulo ni purisima? na magpapasa naman ng bukol kay pnoy na may ulong panot? na ipapasa ulit kay mar ang bukol na paikut-ikot?

eh sino naman si abemarya purisima? siya naman ang punong-bodyguard ng mga cojuangco-aquino sa asyenda luisita na nagpapatay daw diumano sa mga nag-aaklas na manggagawa’t magsasaka; si suspendidong abe purisima daw ang nagmaniobra ng operasyon sa mamasapano na ikinamatay ng mga saf, sa utos daw ni prisidinting pnoy, katwiran ni mar na pilatong naghuhugas-kamay.

o magmomoro-moro na lang kayo? at ang tanong ngayon, kanino naman mapupunta ang gantimpala sa daliring patunay ni teroristang sulkipli?  dimagrirelease ng mga milyong dolyar ang mga markano pagwalang dna, waes to, ano kayo, hilo? kanino kaya o sino kaya ang kukuha ng pabuya mula sa mga markano, ang pnp kaya, o afp? ang pnp chief kaya o ang afp chiep? … hehehe! lamkona! ang commander in chief ang kukuha dahil siya nga ang presidente! panona ang saf?!?

manggihan kaya kahit konte ang mga pamilya ng mga pinatay na saf? o kukunin na lang nyo sa dap?

at heto papala! humarap din si abnoy sa saf na walang kaimik-imik, ayaw magbuka ng bibig at walang sagot sa mga tanong mo, pero kung narinig mo lang ang sinasabi ng mga isip nila, baka magtago ka na sa pinggalingan mo …

eh sino ba si abnoy? kilala siyang anak ni kory na noong nagkakagulo sa edsa para patalsikin ni makoy eh nagtatago daw sa isang kumbento sa bisaya pero naluklok na prisidinti dahil kinalong daw ng mga madre’t pare ng simbahan; na kapatid na matanda ni kris na may anak ding abnoy; na ang tatay daw ay anak naman ng lider ng makahapong kalibapi, na pinapatay daw nina melda, ver at makoy … o, diba ang gulo?!? si abnoy ay isang kapampangang intsik.

heto nga pala ang sabi ng mga saf na dinarinig ni pnoy abnoy … put@#$%namo! … tar@#%^doka! … mamamat@#$%rin! … ikaw ay isang pampang!  eh ano nga ba ang ibig sabihin ng pampang, eh para sa babae yon!?! joshkoday!

Let me just get this straight though. I am not dating a lakba, not even a bakla.

I am not dating a man with the smoothest brown skin, and curly hair. I am not dating a respectable, hardworking man that would do anything to make me smile at the end of the day.

I am not dating a man who helps me buy groceries, wash laundry, and even clean my apartment even though he has other things to do, works 40 hours a week, and it’s not his job.

I am not dating a man that holds doors open for me and everyone else behind him everytime.

I am not dating a man who has never been arrested, and doesn’t walk around acting like a fool. I am not dating a humble man, someone who puts others before himself.

I am not dating a man who loves computer games, motorcycles, and music. I am not dating a man with a future. I am not dating a man with a great sense of humor.

I am not dating a man who cuddles his puppy like a newborn baby. I am not dating a man that will eat hot cheetos with me while binge watching netflix.

I am not dating a man who tells me I look pretty in glasses and pajamas that I haven’t taken off for two days in a row.

I am not dating a man who loves to cook, and is sooooo good at it. I am not dating a man that spoils me.

I am not dating a man who loves God. I am not dating a man who loves me unconditionally.

I am actually dating a mongoloid, a balut-penoy na abnoy!

Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
 Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
 Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
 Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
 Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
 Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
 Pinga Parasapinga's photo. Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
 Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.

464th blog … eh, mongoloid nga! ala kayong magagawa!

parasapinga … bibirada na naman sina kris sa tv, ilihis ang issue, para matakpan ang mga kapalpakan ng mga aquino-cojuangco, mula pa noong massacre sa luisita, aandar na naman ang mga yellow propaganda, sesegunda naman si korina, nakngputa! puro desgrasya ang natatamasa ng balana, hahahaha!

Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.

Fernand Arevalreanta … Langya naman oo, nag luluksa ang mga naulila ng Mamasapano Massacre SAF “the fallen 44” itong si pangulong Aquino ngising aso na naman kase may bagong pasinaya ng motor company at ipagmamalaki na maganda ang ekonomiya. Katulad ng dati, ang nangyaring Luneta hostage drama kung saan may mga namatay na hostage tourists ayun napitikan siya ng kamera at nakunang nakangiti nabatikos tuloy siya. Aba e akalain mo ba naman ngayon nakangisi uli siya…. Ano ba naman yan mag karoon naman sana kayo ng delikadesa. Imbis na inuna sana ang pag salubong damayan sila….. Kahit sa national address mo sir palpak ka.

Asha’man … Disgusting

Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.

Carmjna G. … Ampu_sa naman oo, mas inuna pa ang inaguration kesa ang salubungin mo ang 44 pulis na nasawi sa bakbakan sa Mamasapano. Kung sabagay, di kita masisi, laki yata ng kikitain mo dyan compared sa pagsalubong mo sa mga nasawi. For sure may pabaon ka pang libreng magarang kotse pag-uwi mo, pupusta me ng 10 dyan. Just look at yourself in the picture, kuntodo NGITI ka pa. Alang Hiya talaga, pwe at pwe pa!

Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.

dinocrusado … look at him AND his MINIONS!!! DOES HE LOOK LIKE A GRIEVING FATHER that he claims to be? nagluluksa daw siya bilang AMA ng BAYAN? ngising ngisi pa ang pungal
totally disgusting! nakakasuka talaga mga aquino…subukan mo lang dumaan dito sa las pinas na area ko!

Cheetos … PNOY you’re such a shame. Sinira mo ang reputasyon ng mga magulang mo.

piskay … Hindi dinamdam ang pagkamatay ng mga sundalo,wala sa mukha nya ang na dalumhati,,ang laki ng tawa nya!!!sus ginooo!!!

Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.
Pinga Parasapinga's photo.Pinga Parasapinga's photo.

erlinda g. … Papaano pupunta? eh GUILTY!! Magkakuntsaba ni Purisima sa pag go signal na lusubin kuta ng mga MILF. Kasi kung naging matagumpay, maipapagyayabang nya at matatakpan ang bad image ng kaibigan nyang Purisima. Ngayon na pumalpak, naghugas kamay..I’ve watched his speech, hindi nya sinagot and tanong kung sino ang nagbigay ng GO SIGNAL sa mga pulis para lumusob. Nakuha pang ngumiti ng demonyo. Wala ba nitong nakakapag advise?? o palpak din ang mga advisers. O talagang matigas ang ulo at MAPRIDE. Kawawang mga pulis! Eternal rest grant unto their souls Oh LOrd! May they rest in peace! Amen! God Bless! to those families who were left behind. God Bless Philippines!!

maxwellalvarez … When his time comes. I will remind myself to smile and buy siopao at Emerald Garden.
Cheetos … inuna mo pa ang inauguration compared sa Arrival Honors ng mga brutally na pinatay na PNP-SAF.
msl1977 … P@#! mo!!!..Nakakatawa ka pa!!!!

Gagi Wah Santiagi … This is another incident in which Aquino had failed to understand!
He is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Philipppines and yet he’s a No-Show in the arrival of his fallen men!

Ronald … Noyabs, mabagsakan ka sana ng kotse. Kainin mo BBL mo.
Ooakoto Ootamaka … Wala ka Notpa. Benta ka talaga. No to BBL. Ngingisingisi ka pa dyan.

pedro … booooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAGWA NG MUKA mo!!!!!!!! naluluha akong pinanonod yung 44 na namatay na SAF police tpos ngising ASO ka dyan… PWE!

Taga8visaya … Enjoy now Pnoy while you can there are days when the tide shift for your turn. Keep smiling but honestly ANG PANGET MO.

Ali smith … the joker strikes again!
Ylex … P**** ina mo na si cory..Abnoy !

Raul V. Loya … Nak ng teteng naman tong presidente natin ikinatuwa pa yung pagkamatay nung mga magigiting natin na PULIS tingnan nyo mga dabarkads todo smile pa yan

Pinga Parasapinga's photo.

Trending.Ph … HAHAY! AQUINO!
Prodigal Son … KINGINANGYAN!!!nakakagalit talaga! Bat naboto ko pa to! kup@L walang DELIKADEZA!

463rd blog … mamasapano, panonakayo?

Written by Atty.Rico Paolo R. Quicho
Thursday, 29 January 2010

The tragic loss of the lives of the 44 members of Philippine National Police-Special Action Force (“PNP-SAF”), who were brutally killed in Mamasapano,

Maguindanao last Sunday is grim reminder that the road to peace is not a straight and rosy path (as we have been led to believe) but one winding and complex, full of potholes and booby traps, and which we must navigate with great care.

We honor our perished men for their strong commitment to protect and serve our country even to their death. In the same vein, we condemn in the strongest possible terms the horrendous massacre perpetrated against them.

We bereave and pray for their families. We memorialize the courage and heroism of the fallen members of PNP-SAF.

They are all brave souls who threaded danger to faithfully follow orders of the higher-ups even though they might have questioned the wisdom of these very orders in their hearts.

For their sake, for their families’ sake and for our own sake and pride as a nation, these brave souls must forever be honored and remembered:

PSI Gednat Tabde; PSI Ryan Pabalinas; PSI Garamnbas Tria;
SPO1 Lover Inocencio; PO3 Rodrigo Acob Jr.;
PO3 Virgil Villanueva; PO2 Roger Cordero; PO2 Peterson Carap;
PO2 Nicky Nacino Jr.; PO1 Angel Kodiamat; PO2 Glenn Bedua;
PO3 Noel Golocan; PO2 Jerry Kayob; PO2 Noel Balaca;
PO1 Romeo Cempron; PO2 Joel Dulnuan; PO2 Christopher Lalan;
PO2 Walner Danao; PO2 Franklin Danao; PO2 Omar Nacionales;
PO2 Godofredo Cabanlit Candano; PO1 Russel Bilog;
PO1 Loreto Capinding; PO3 Junrel Kibete; PO1 Gringo Cayango;
PO2 Rodel Ramacula; PO1 Joseph Sagonoy;
PO3 John Lloyd Sumbilla; PO2 Chum Agabon; PO3 Robert Allaga;
PO1 Mark Lory Clemencio; PO1 Oliebeth Viernes;
PO2 Richelle Baluga; PO3 Andres Duque; PO3 Jedz-in Asjali;
PO2 Amman Esmula; PO3 Victoriano Acain; PI Joey Gamutan;
PI John Garry Erana; PSI Cyrus Anniban; PI Rennie Tyrus (missing).

Words are now totally meaningless. The hazy, insensitive and illogical explanation of the PNP’s hierarchy as to what happened leaves our thirst for truth and justice severely unquenched.

The nation’s heart has already been shattered. Interior Secretary Mar Roxas (“Roxas”), who has direct control and supervision over the PNP misdirects the public,

hoping to soften the blow of the said police operation and attempts to muddle the situation with his empty and disrespectful rhetoric.

What happened is not a “misencounter” Secretary Roxas, but plain and simple gruesome murder. Do not belittle the lives of the fallen by using such patronizing word.

The President has failed to timely condole, console and inspire a grieving nation. This time you and                                     you alone,  Mr. President, should take full responsibility for this deadly encounter.

There is no one else to blame.

To the high-government officials of our country, who took part in this covert police operation, you have blood in your hands.

The lasting peace we all aspire for can only be achieved once justice has been served.
Incompetence is truly a crime.

(E-mail me at rprquicho@gmail.com; Follow me at Twitter @ricoquicho)

Take this MILF statement at face value. It was said and it was meant. They’ve always wanted to negotiate from a position of strength and put the government in a position of fear.
That’s how mafiosis operate; terrorists are no different. The difference is the same. As we would say in our younger days to people who threatened us but didn’t fear – chikinini mo!
  •  Sonny Ongkiko … Yes sir chikinini nila!
  •  Marvin Calvelo … para sa milf
    Marvin Calvelo's photo.
  •  Rafael Alunan III …  How can anyone talk peace with liars who say the BIFF is their enemy for breaking away only to find them co-habitating in the same area protecting international fugitives, and participating in the massacre of law enforcers? Who the effing are they fooling? Not me!
  •  Tonie Bufete …  tangna nanakot pa
  •  Alfonso V. Alvarez … Your armed forces is on “hunting” mode now. Just waiting…
  •  Charm Laguna Motto …  Sir, let’s give them the taste of their own medicine mga hinayupak patay na nga pinagtataga at pinapuputulan pa at ninakawan pa!
  •  Ricky Soler Jr … Why is the GRP negotiating from a position of weakness?
  •  Marlou Jonathan Castaneda Planos  … To all Members of the house of representatives we taxpayers of Mindanao also asking a BANGSA KRISTIYANO very urgent to defend our people, homes, family and our homeland.
    Marlou Jonathan Castaneda Planos's photo.
  •  Sulay Halipa … MILF-BIFF-GRP=GOODBYE PHILIPPINES! God forbids…
  •  Nona Rust …  Exactly…stop the peace talks…laban kung laban…matira ang matibay…nakakasawa na…Tama na ang gaguhan..
  •  Maria Victoria Carino Ito … hala.?!… demanding…?!
  •  Marilu Rodriguez Neumann Scheich …  sharing..i am furious! thanks..
  •  Sulay Halipa … Sad to say- A Government without Balls!
  •  Genaro Joel Magsino …  kasasabi lang ni fvr set aside the peace process…iisa ng ng bansa natin at ito ay pilipinas wala BIFF-Basangmoro…. asan ng pilipinas dun?
  •  Raymund Baliguas Abosejo … Sir, Permission to post if I may.
  •  Raymund Baliguas Abosejo … As to these, ANIMALS. THEY ARE NOT FILIPINOS.
  •  Rakastan Sinua … as the spokesman of BIFF have said…they join the fight because they thought that the camp of their brigade commander was attack which is the 105th brigade base command of the MILF…..coming from his mouth, indeed BIFF and MILF are one!!!
  •  Emmanuel Gonzalez … Dealing with a terrorist is like dealing with Mr.Jeckle and Mr. Hyde.
  •  Remia Regalado … Sir, during the live press con in malacanang, did you hear his answer to the question of the GMA reporter: “Categorical Answer lang, Sir. Did you or did you not give the go signal for this operation?” — what he said made me say, : WHAT?!?!?!? THE F@#^!”
  •  Michell Dela Paz … Permission to share, Sir. Thanks!
  •  Arturo Tolentino …  Manloloko lang ang mga yan.  Bakit ba sila magaan kay pinoy. Takot ba si pinoy sa kanila?
  •  Jadelson Calleja … Our govt always submits to terrorist demands.. fckng lame
  •  Uggot T Kamote … Okinnada amin…
  •  Elmer Baguioro …  ABNOY himself said Government agents/troopers have been keeping a close watch and tracking Marwan since May2014, yet raids seem to always be foiled due to the presence of MILF/BIFF elements causing skirmishes. The SAF wouldn’t have sent such large conSee More
  •  Jp Velasco … like his father before him, trying to be friendly with the msians
  •  Mervin Babiera … president s for busines only, and fo
  •  AF Son Jose … are they in the position to make a threat?  something must be done on this goverment                     to move correctly..
  •  Mervin Babiera … president s gud for busines and beautification, he should act now “WAR s bes option”
  •  Anton Japorms …  And therein lies the rub. Pass it or else.
  •  Elmer Baguioro …  Notice the SILENCE of TRILLANES???
  •  DonnaBarbara Regalado … Idiots!!! Bangsa Moro-Moro!
  •  Kaspog Si Psalm … Na spoiled kasi ang mga kampon ng demonyong mga teroristang ito sa kaka beybi ng mga namuno sa bansa natin kaya kung umasta daig pa ang unggoy sa kayabangan. Mas masaklap duwag ang kasalukuyang namumuno sa bansa, takot lumaban sa kalaban ng bayan, maraSee More
  •  AF Son Jose … trillanes,honasan et al namantikaan na kasi ang mga hinayupak….
  •  Ben Entico … Have no fear – whether or not the leadership will approve it or not there will be fighting.
  •  Joselito Gonzaga … Now where is MADAM ETA ROSALES The ” HUMAN RIGHTS DEPENDER ” Well allow me Mr Raymund is kind of goverment of ours is like chop suey or miswa. Bull shit
  •  Lito Condez …  “Or Else”? Well, Chikinini to MILF. I’m just smiling here, with my Brods. Feeling no fear whatsoever.
  •  Capitan Migoy … i am very supportive of BBL but with the way MILF is acting, without feeling empathy for the entire nation angry and deeply sad for lost of our gallant servicemen makes me want to withdrew support –i am praying that reason will prevail…
  •  Eric Montilla … When I was in grade school, I used to hear my elders say: “a good moro is a dead moro” and “dugong aso ang mga moro”…of course those are illicit generalizations…but how much truth is there to it ???
    Let it be known that I have cousins and an aunt from the minority.
  •  Arthur Go Ifurung … i wholeheartedly agree with you. I don’t need to explain, i am too upset. This president needs to be side slapped upside the head. What a MORON. And these murderers need to be taught that peace is not just a word.
  •  Anton Japorms … The saying “if you give a mouse a cookie, it’s gonna want a glass of milk” sounds very profound nowadays
  •  Turling Ng Cebu … you can’t talk peace and have a gun,, we want peace but all they want is for us to rest in peace!.
  •  Ramir O. Condes …  do they deserve self-rule?
  •  Edwin Sonoy …  My time…we say ” nek nek mo…ano ka, baliw”…
  •  Raymund Baliguas Abosejo … Let us NOT FORGET. In larger picture. Learning from the basics such as See More
  •  Fred Lumba … They have a ready and prepared line of standard response. “They fired first so we returned fire also. Self defense lang.” How many times have the MILF said this? Sino ang maniniwala sa inyo? Thats why the SAF soldiers were wiped out because they did not know what hit them. They were comlletely surrounded as shown by TV footages.
  •  Mon Magbanua … This government is too intimidated by the antics and bluffing gimmicks of of Murad, Ghadzalli etc who are common criminals, scammers etc. as they are. Now the KKK (who controls Pnoy) should have the balls and the will to prove that they are no pushoveSee More
  •  Mon Magbanua Word of advice, Pnoy/KKK, to make it easier, just let the “Ilagas” of Mindanao do the job for you. They know how to do it better.
  •  RollyJames Esling … I observed the faces of the MILF leaders as they were interviewed after the bloody incident and noticed they were grinning. Obviously they were jubillant they humiliated the PNP-SAC its worst defeat in a battle. Misencounter? Sa ngiting aso na ipinakita nila, it was an ambushed, a premeditated massacre.
  •  RollyJames Esling … In the picture the dead body of one police commando ay tinapakan sa ulo ng paa ng isang villager. Clear proof pati mga sibilyan sa lugar na iyan ay kakampi ng MILF. A muslim will always be a muslim. They looked at christians as infidels and will kill them when opportunity arises.
    RollyJames Esling's photo.
  •  RollyJames Esling … Can we co-exist with muslims? I don’t think so.
  •  Felicimo Villegas Luzoraga … Let us oppose the BBL.
  •  RollyJames Esling … Instead of showing sympathy to the fallen PNP commandos and lament the misencounter as they claimed, they have the gall to announce boastfully 64 actually died and not just 44 as officially recorded by the PNP and independent observers.
  •  Ryu Mc Reter … Inabangan ko ang adress ni PNoy, I admired him alot pero i was very disgusted with his adress, dapat nag cohost nalang sya kay kris pareho silang pussycat….
  •  Edwin Sonoy … PNoy neeeds to put a pair of cajones..
  •  Titus Velez … We love peace, but not peace at any price. – Douglas William Jerrold
     Kurukatoji Ku … Sa aking pananaw ang Mission ng Presidente ay ipagpatuloy ang mga layunin ng 2 niyang mga Traydor na mga magulang ang lolo ng presidente ay isa ring taksil sa Filipinas. Japanese collaborator naman ang lolo niya.
     Tony Leachon … It’s a soft and blurry speech ( provoked ) unlike his assaultive fiery speech ( unprovoked and out of line for a state visit ) at the palace during Pope Francis ‘ visit. Inappropriate response and affect to the magnitude of the problem.  President BSSee More
    Kurukatoji Ku … Sa aking pakiramdam hindi nasaktan ang Presidente sa kamatayan ng mga sundalo natin. Kung nasaktan siya dapat ang BLL ay ihinto muna at mas pagaralan ng mas malalim. Sa panahong ito ang mga namatay at pamilya nila ang ating pararangalan at hindi ang paSee More
  •  Paulita Agpaoa … And why is the govt. babying these bullies? They need to take control! Ang govt nagpapa tuta sa mga rebelde.
  •  Kurukatoji Ku … BBL ang ibig kong sabihin sa BLL.
  •  Jonathan Chim …  Kaya nga ngayon lang siya nagsalita dahil balewala sa kanya ang pagkamatay ng nga tao niya.  BILANG AMA NG BAYAN…….GANYAN PA SALITA NIYA GAGO KA KUNG AMA KA NG BAYANG ITO PAGPUTOK PALANG NG BALITA DAPAT NAGPA PRESSCON KANA AT GALIT NA GALIT KA DAPAT See More
  •  George Hernandez … Pnoy’s speech did not show any empathy to the families of the slain PNP SAF & the whole nation ! What is worse is that he appeared to have taken the role of a spokesman for the MILF & the BIFF!!!